Sunday, 12 April 2015

" To The Last ", Research


The work in progress poster

Hello everyone!

This post is an invitation for you to be part of the creation process of my new piece in colaboration with Gloria Ros ( Spain ). I will regularly post videos and pictures to update you about the work and keep alive the following crowdfunding campaign. 

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Everyone! For four months we have been sharing with you the development of this project. Thanks to your support, and with a looooot of work, we had a first presentation of the piece. An important step on the creation. It went very well!
The premiere of the complete work is in 10 days, now we really need a last push. Please send the link to friends and family, share it with colleagues and contacts. Donate if you can and wish to do so.
Thank you for being with us!

- The collected money from now on will be used for the fees of our wonderful team of technician, video maker, musician and photographer. Without them, this would not be possible either. -


Denitsa Dikova and Gloria Ros.

4th June 2015
First presentation "To The Last"

     For the first time there has been an exhibition of my pictures. The selected photographies were exposed in Centre Civic Barceloneta. They will be shown again in Antic Teatre during Experimental ROOM Festival, where the PREMIERE of To The Last will take place.
The pictures were made during the creation process of To The Last and they are to sell as part of the crowdfunding campain. Contact me if you were interested in seeing them, to support us by the purchase of one of them.





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