Friday, 31 January 2014

Explore Dance festival 2013

Information about residence in WASP in 2014, click here.
In October 2013 I took part in the Explore Dance Festival, the program Meet the next generation. This is a programme for supporting and promoting the younger generation of choreographers and performers
with a special focus on East-European artists, which continues this year with coachings and choreographic research and production activities.  Mentors : Madalina Dan (Ro), Eduard Gabia (RO).

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

" Lexic-on " with Award nomination ICAR 2014/ "Тълковен речник" с номинация за наградите ИКАР 2014


Performance " Lexic-on " of Association "Based on Actual Events" is nominated for the " ICAR 2014 " in the category " contemporary dance and performance ." Awards are presented each year on March 27 -
International Day of the theater. The other two nominated performances

Friday, 17 January 2014

"Lexic-on" was on tour in Rousse and Bourgas

 Виж Бургас
We had the pleasure to play in Rousse on 14.10.2013 at Literary Festival, "The Canetti House" and 10.18.2013 in Bourgas at "7th Festival of Bulgarian physical and visual theater", cultural center "Sea Casino".

 Дом Канети
Тълковен речник беше на турне в Русе и Бургас

Имахме удоволствието да играем на 14.10.2013 г. в Русе на литературен Фестивал в „Дом Канети“ и на 18.10.2013 г. в Бургас на „7-ми фестивал на българския физически и визуален театър“ в културен център „Морското Казино.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lexic-on / Тълковен речник

Author and concept: Irina Goleva

With Denitsa Dikova (dancer and co-author) and 
Daniel Alexander (musician and co-author)
Costumes and stage design: Velika Prahova and 
Christina Krumova (assistant)

"LEXIC-ON" performance is created on the basis of nine musical miniatures of the movement and improvisations, in each of them stand a

If you don't have a masterpiece, start out with something else / Ако нямате шедьовър, заемете се с нещо друго

„The art is only a question of signature and date“ Ben Vautier 1972

Idea, dramaturgy and directing: Galina Borissova
Choreography by Ivonne Rainer (USA), Trisha Brown (USA), Deborah Hay (USA), Anna Sokolow (USA), Mary Wigman (Germany) and Isadora Duncan (USA)
Interpetation and dance: Garage collective – Irena Cvetanova, Nikolina Todorova, Jana Pencheva, Denica Dikova, Denica Georgieva, Krasimira Bakurdzhieva.

A starting point for the lecture-performance If You Don’t Have a Masterpiece, Please Start out Something Else is the question of the original and the copy.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Authors: Denitsa Dikova, Nikolina Todorova
Photographer: Lidiq Kulekova, Gergana Ivanova, Kalina Qnchulova
Design: Qna Kazakova
Artists: Denitsa Dikova, Nikolina Todorova

InBeTwin is a dance performance for personal crazyness, for imagination and games for two, which save you from getting crazy. Less you control your mind, the richer and interesting is your world. You can live only if you let your mind free and build an universe of absurdity and self irony. The main goal is to create a performance with universal message in which the audience is directly involved into the language of dance. The conflict reality – unreality takes us to state of dream,


Author : Zhana Pencheva
Light: Joseph Astrukov
Photographer: Gergana Ivanova
Performer: Denitza Dikova , Irena Tsvetanova
Krasimira Bakardjieva Nikolina Todorova

There is a short phrase built from four basic elements: air… movement… sound… space. The repetition of a particular event increases its intensity, creates routine or transforms, in well developed mechanisms – a cycle. The cyclic recurrence is the basis of every natural process x 2.


Authors: Aleksandar Georgiev, Denitsa Dikova, Zhana Pencheva
Music : Stefan Gulubov
Artists: Denitsa Dikova, Zhana Pencheva

Touch Down is a game. A game playing with gravity and invisible space between us. It doesn’t demonstrate. It doesn’t show and doesn’t look for showing. Touch Down is a process. This is a way for studying movement and energy. Competition with ourselves and our borders. Touch Down doesn’t want victory, but ability to control space and own energy as a part of it. The project is inspired by the spirit of competition, using sporting principles and terminology. The participants are competitors and teammates at the same time, with a clear