Thursday, 1 October 2015





"Koimo",  videodance  

           Director, camera and editor: Denitsa Dikova
    Choreographer and dancer: Glòria Ros
 Barcelona, 2015.

Ash columns that insist on standing.
A bleak area and a woman’s useless efforts to not fall apart.
Action is the only way she has to break the husk of impotence,
trying to restore time in pillars of the past.
As a result, her energy gets dispersed and condensed again,
into a poetry that no one can hear and no one can see.
Nothing continues.


Our videodance piece "Koimo" is moving forwards! It was presented in Madrid from the 5th of  May till the 3rd of July and now it has been invited to the Batemans Bay Fringe Festival in Australia. 

IVAHM '16 - International Video Art Festival Madrid

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Batemans Bay Fringe Festival, Australia

Click on the picture for more information

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