Sunday, 4 October 2015

Across a troubled world


 The team of this project is Griet Menschaert - Holland, Bob Georgeson - Australia and Denitsa Dikova – Bulgaria.  

  In 2014 we started an idea for a collaborative project in which video, painting and dance would be combined in an installation.

  The possibility to share information through the Internet allowed for the following videos to come to live, although the three of us have never been together in the same place. They are the first products that came out of this artistic exchange,  that has still a long way to go.

  Edited by Bob Georgeson, video material from Griet and Denitsa.


  Check this link of the three days research between Griet and myself:


   If you wish to see more of Griet and Bob, here are their respective sites:

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