Friday, 10 February 2017


Dancers: Denitsa Dikova & Glòria Ros
Saxo tenor/soprano: Albert Cirera
Duration: Two pieces of 20 minutes

Premiere: 10.02.1017. Teatre de lAurora; Spain

APEX  is the instant composition piece that will arise from the meeting on stage between Albert Cirera, saxophonist, Glòria Ros and Denitsa Dikova, dancers. A piece that is created from the impulse and the perception of each one of them, from the fit between the climaxes and the deaths, the mutations and the persistence, the subtlety and the cruelty of sounds and movements. A work that is based on the effects of the composition of the bodies in space, the information of forms, the intransigence of sound, the immediacy of action. 

                                                       photography: Carles Ros

                                                                                                     photography: Marc Vila

                                                                                  photography: Marc Vila

photography: Marc Vila

                  Video and montage: Carles Ros

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